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Discover who creates our easy and delicious Beerenberg recipes

At Beerenberg we’re always looking to create products that we know you’ll love and are versatile for a multitude of recipe ideas. We know our jams can be used for more than just a spread on your morning toast, and our sauces can add flavour to dozens more meals than just your steak.

Our goal is to make food delicious, so we love to bring to life new recipe ideas for you to indulge in.

But, where do we get our recipe inspiration from? We caught up with one of the Beerenberg recipe creators, Anjelica (Jel) Alanne from Jel’s Catering, to discover where her love of food originated from and how she comes up with easy and inspiring family meal ideas using our Beerenberg products.

Jel first discovered her love of food when she was a kid. Growing up with a foodie mum, she was always watching her create new meals in the kitchen. Despite never actually following any recipes, her mother’s dishes always tasted incredible. She attributes her love of food to her mum’s influence and says her life always revolves around cooking.

Studying a Bachelor’s Degree in Human Nutrition at Flinders University while working in commercial kitchens’ restaurants and pubs, her fondness for delicious food continued to grow. In 2012 she decided to launch Jel’s Catering and relishes the opportunity to create recipes for Australian producers.

When we launch new products (check out our new Mango & Mandarin Curd, Green Tomato & Jalapeno Relish and Mediterranean Capsicum Bruschetta), we look to Jel to help us come up with some mouth-watering recipes you’ll love.

“Whenever there is a new Beerenberg product I’ll try to come up with a new recipe that would work. I like to create recipes that are basic enough for beginners but then also create some that are inventive for people who like to experiment with their cooking too,” Jel says.

“I like to make simple recipes designed for the time-poor. So, something quick that won’t take too long to make.”

“Sometimes I’ll base my recipes around a particular theme like ‘Australia Day recipes’ or ‘summer recipes’ to suit the kinds of dishes people will be looking for.”

So where does she draw her inspiration from? Mainly from magazines and her Instagram feed.

“I’m always looking for new ideas for recipe inspiration. I like to look in magazines or on Instagram to help with the creativeness. I think I follow about 300 food Instagram pages!”

Jel can always be found in the kitchen as for her, it’s pure fun. She cooks every day for herself and her partner often with one of their favourite Beerenberg products, our Taka Tala Sauce and Marinade.

“The Taka Tala Sauce and Marinade is my favourite to cook with. It is so versatile. You can put it on meat, in a soup or just on some roasted veggies. What I love is that the sauce is not totally smooth, so you can see little bits of herbs and things like that and it just has such an amazing flavour.”

“But my partner really loves the Hot Tomato Chutney too. He goes through that pretty fast!”

If she’s a little short on time, her go-to meals are based around our Slow Cooker Sauces. With seven different flavours to suit a range of taste buds, they’re our products she recommends using for an easy one-pot wonder.

“I tend to use more Beerenberg products in the winter time and make one pot wonders with the Slow Cooker Sauces. I generally just use chicken and veggies and chuck in a big spoonful or the whole jar of one of the sauces.”

“By using a different sauce every night it feels like a different meal each time. They’re really great and packed full of flavour.”

If you haven’t already discovered our recipe library, Jel has created over 200 recipes featuring almost all of our products. So how can a beginner cook replicate her dishes that look as good as they taste?

“The key is to recreate a recipe that is delicious and practical. Sometimes food doesn’t look that great but it tastes amazing,” Jel says.

“I think if you want to make your dish look appealing just keep it simple. Focus on the main ingredients and the keep them fresh to look their best.”

If you're keen to get creative in the kitchen, find our full recipe library for your next meal inspiration here.

You can also follow Jel’s journey on her Facebook and Instagram profiles.