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Need cheeseboard inspo this Easter?

Easter is fast approaching and if you’re looking for a way to impress your family and friends this Easter long weekend, we have put together a handy guide for the ultimate tasting board. Your cheeseboard is only limited by your imagination, just add a jar or two of our cheeseboard paste pots and you’re good to go!

Here are a few cheeseboard must-dos to make your platter anything but average.


Draw inspiration from fresh fruit that is in season and start your cheeseboard from there. It’s autumn, so think figs to go with goat’s cheese, red grapes paired with camembert, apples coupled with a crumbly cheddar and pears to partner with your favourite blue. Choose accompaniments that bring muted autumnal tones such as black olives, pistachios and dried muscatels to maximise visual appeal. Don’t forget to add a few little unwrapped chocolate Easter eggs too! Finish with scattered autumn leaves if you’re keen to get a bit arty.


The secret to this all-time favourite is to choose a variety of cheeses: cheddar, camembert, brie, gouda, Swiss, edam, goat cheese, blue cheese and any other favourites. You could even add something exclusive your guests may not have tried before. We suggest popping into your local supermarket deli section and chatting the cheese monger about what cheeses they recommend. Ask them if you can taste a few South Australian made cheeses they think you’ll love and see what they surprise you with.


Your cheese board is somewhat of an extension of your personality – scatter a variety of nuts, crackers, sprigs of herbs, but make sure you don’t over style. Pistachios, cashews, brazil nuts, almonds, walnuts, macadamia… whatever tickles your taste buds, add it in.


Don’t be afraid to super-size your cheese platter to an entire grazing table complete with all the trimmings. Think: cheese, crackers, nuts, fruit, cured meats and fish, pickled accompaniments and any extras you would like. A whole table dedicated to grazing? We guarantee your party guests will be coming back for more.


Your cheeseboard will attract gasps of wonder when you add a variety of height and textures to your platter. Incorporate Australian native flora and fauna picked from your own garden (you don’t have fork out a fortune at the florist).


We’re not saying don’t include the traditional Jatz cracker, just add something extra such as artisan breads and dukkah. Plus, crackers of different shapes, sizes, textures and flavours will cater for all tastes and take your party platter to the next level.


A pure chunk of honeycomb in its rawest and purest form, straight from the hive is the sticky situation you need to add your cheese platter. An ideal mix of gooey and sweet, layer your crackers up with Brie cheese, a piece of honeycomb and a handful of dried fruits and you’ll be in cheesy, chewy heaven.


What cheeseboard is complete without a healthy scattering of strawberries? Pick your own juicy berries from our patch in Hahndorf and watch your guests’ eyes light up with the first bite. There’s nothing like a fresh strawberry.


No cheeseboard is complete without pastes, dips and sauces. Our four flavoursome cheeseboard pastes are the perfect accompaniment to any platter for a little sweet fix. Designed to sit on the board, our flavours include Fig & Pomegranate, Plum & Shiraz, Strawberry & Champagne and a traditional Quince. They complement any cheese you pair with and a little pot of ‘yum’ with every mouthful.

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Another option is to add a full-size jar of our Cheeseboard Chutney. It’s sure to take the centre stage of your cheeseboard no matter what you pair it with. To get every last mouthful out of the jar, add one of our Signature Long-Handled Spoons to your collection.

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Some more, great Beerenberg products that pair perfectly with cheese include:

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