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10 Mother's Day Recipes to Bake for Mum

Mother’s Day is the kind of celebration where a homemade gift is always better than something without much thought. A gift made with love automatically passes in her books, we’ve known it since the day she beamed with delight at her new macaroni-pasta-string necklace. We combined this sentiment with what we know best at Beerenberg–­–great food––and came up with the most delicious ways to make your mum smile this Mother’s Day. Lucky for those on a budget, these recipes are affordable, yet priceless!

1. Yoghurt hotcakes with strawberries and rosewater cream

These moist hotcakes are simple to make and absolutely delicious. Wake up your Mum with the best breakfast in bed ever with a fresh plate of these, topped with fresh strawberries and mint leaves. This recipe is really easy, so you don’t have to be a chef (or an adult) to start her day with a smile.

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2. Pavlova with grilled apricots and hazelnuts

This decadent Australian staple is enough to feed all of the mothers in your life; call up your nanna and surprise her with afternoon tea in the garden. The apricot cream is the secret ingredient to making this cake sing! Pair the sweet caramelised flavours with a pot of light tea with vegetal notes for the perfect flavour balance.

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3. Natural caramel slice with blueberry and chia base

Perfect for the vegan mumma, this natural slice is equal parts gooey, chewy and crunchy and is just about guaranteed to fix any chocolate craving. It’s perfect for a Mother’s Day picnic and if you don’t finish them all on the Sunday, you can send one to work with her in a lunchbox.

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4. Vanilla sugar cookies

This is another great one to get the kids involved in. Perfect when piled on a plate, or wrapped in cellophane and brought from afar––they just look gorgeous when gift wrapped. The recipe can be modified to suit your tastes, and you can have some fun with the shapes that you cut out––try cutting out the letters for MUM or little love hearts.

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5. Blackberry and lemon-lime curd slice

Sweet, tart, nutty and buttery, this mouthwatering slice is the perfect sweet treat. It’s best if you make these ones a day earlier, so you can cut them easier and steal a few squares for yourself without anyone noticing. If you’re not a fan of blackberry, a blueberry variation works just as nicely.

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6. Strawberry shortcake ice-cream sandwich

These delectable little sangas make for the ultimate late night dessert and the recipe makes enough for you and your mum to treat yourselves all week long. Ensure tidy sides on your sandwich by cutting cookie-sized disks out of the ice cream, rather than scooping balls––if your ice-cream container is cylindrical, you have the perfect shape already.

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7. Peanut butter and jelly pannacotta

This one gets a bit fancy, but it’s only right to spoil the woman who gave you life, on Mother’s Day. It needs about 4 hours to set, but only ten minutes to prepare… And much less than that to devour. Served in stemless wine glasses or tall martini glasses, these are a spectacular finish to any dinner party–perhaps an excuse to bring the whole family around and make a toast to the ladies.

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8. Lemon and raspberry no-bake cheesecake

You don’t need an oven or a whole lot of time to create something delicious! This one comes out beautifully vibrant to the eye and tastes absolutely magic. The lemon zest and fresh raspberries bring this cake to life and make it perfect for a sunny afternoon with a jug of iced tea.

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9. Raspberry and almond tart

This recipe is one of those classics where, if anyone knows you can make it, you’ll be demanded to bring it to their BBQs for the rest of your life. This recipe is a tiny bit trickier than the others but perfect for the baker-at-heart––sometimes you just can’t beat a pastry made from scratch.

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10. Brownies with strawberry and hazelnut

As much as you try to be creative in the kitchen, most of the time, deep down, everyone just wants a chocolate brownie. If that’s the case with your mum, then you probably won’t be able to go past this brownie recipe with sweet, chewy strawberry and crunchy hazelnuts. In the rare event of leftover brownie ends, they are perfect in this trifle.

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Not a baker?

If you’re looking for something to arrive at her door, or if she simply adores our Beerenberg products, we have a Mother’s Day gift box filled with jams, relishes, dressings, and everything in between. If that selection isn’t quite to her taste, check out our Mum’s Deluxe Selection pack.

Of course, we know she’ll probably share all of these goodies with you, she has to, she’s your mum.

Family is so important to us at Beerenberg and we’re all about showing appreciation for the mothers in our family and in yours. We can’t wait to see the scrumptious treats you whip up for Mother’s Day, so make sure to tag us in any photos of your delectable gifts! To explore more of our favourite recipes click here.