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Where does the name Beerenberg come from?

We use the name Beerenberg because it celebrates the German heritage of the Paech family who settled in Hahndorf, South Australia, in 1839. The name is German and means “Berry Hill”. This name is registered as a trademark in 1974. Our Managing Director is Anthony Paech who is one of the sixth generation of the Paech family at Hahndorf.

Where can I buy Beerenberg products?

On our online store, right here on our website. Also in Coles and Woolworths nationally (selected lines) and many independent grocers across Australia. Please refer to Australian Stockists on this website, where you can search stockists by postcode.

Where is the farm?

Most of our products are made in our own kitchen on the Farm. The farm is 100 hectares on the outskirts of the small rural town of Hahndorf, which is 25km from Adelaide, in the Adelaide Hills.  The area enjoys a high rainfall and cooler climate, very well suited to growing fruit and vegetables. Hahndorf is one of the most popular day tourist destinations in South Australia.

What fruit is grown on Beerenberg Farm?

Strawberries have been grown on Beerenberg Farm since 1969. Beerenberg is a supplier to the retail market in South Australia and a major supplier of “Pick your Own” strawberries as well as for our jam production. We also grow Satsuma Plums for jam and sauce as well as quinces for jelly. Cherries are grown for the fresh market. We also grow gherkins, chillies and rose petals.

Who do we sell to?

We have a large range of products that we sell to leading supermarkets and gourmet stores throughout Australia. An important percentage of our production is supplied in portion control packages in glass, aluminium foil and plastic packages for distribution to hotels, airlines and cruise lines throughout Australia and overseas. They are used in over 300 four and five star hotels throughout the Asia Pacific region.

What countries does Beerenberg export to?

About 30% of our production is exported. We sell to importers and distributors in Malaysia, Japan, China, Singapore, Indonesia, Vietnam, Sri Lanka, Korea, Fiji, New Zealand, Thailand, Taiwan, Nederlands, Mauritius, India, Vanuatu, Maldives and Brunei. We seem to be gaining new customers frequently.

What is the shelf life of our products?

All our products have a best before date printed on the label. We use two years in advance of the production date of jam, even though jam will remain in prefect condition for many years beyond that.

Do we use additives?

Jam is made from fruit and sugar. Pectin is added where there is insufficient pectin in the fruit to set the product. Pectin is natural vegetable gum that is extracted from fruit. The other additive is food acid (citric acid usually) to balance the acidity of product. We never use artificial colours or preservatives.

It is a family business?

Beerenberg is a family business with seven family members working together. Grant and Carol Paech founded the business, sadly Grant passed away in 2015. Anthony, Robert and Sally, their children, all work in the business. Anthony is Managing Director of Beerenberg, Robert is Farm Director and Sally is Marketing Director, Carol is also a Director and the Financial Controller for Beerenberg.

Do we employ local people?

Most of our 100 or so employees live locally in the Adelaide Hills. They are people with an appreciation for hills life and are very supportive of our rural enterprise and most become long term employees.

Where do we get fruit and vegetables from that we don't grow ourselves?

There are fruit and vegetables that we do not grow on Beerenberg Farm because our climate is too cool for optimum quality. Citrus fruit, apricots, tomatoes and onions are sourced from the warm climate Riverland where they are grown under irrigation from the Murray River. Blackberries and raspberries are grown in cooler mountain valleys in Victoria. We purchase the best quality light amber honey from Australian beekeepers.  Check out our Provenance Pathway on this website to find out the ingredients of any jar or bottle of our product.