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FARM CAFE, DAIRY & SHOP OPEN TODAY - 9am to 5pm (SORRY, we don’t take bookings)

Strawberry Patch is closed today - sorry

Meet the Family

The rolling, sun-drenched hills of the Beerenberg Family Farm in the village of Hahndorf has been home to our family for nearly 200 years. This land is where our ancestors settled, and – six generations later – where our family continues to live, farm, and make delicious jams and condiments.

The Paech Family’s Humble Beginnings

People always ask us “why is it that Beerenberg strawberries taste so good?”

We tell them, it’s no accident. It’s the result of risk, hard work and long term commitment.

Almost 200 years ago, our ancestors, George and Anna Paech and their young family, embarked on a courageous journey from their home in German-speaking Prussia to South Australia – a land they knew little about – thousands of miles away on the other side of the world.

They dreamed of a happy life here, free to farm and build prosperous and healthy lives for themselves and future generations.

They were fortunate to settle on land in the Adelaide Hills, which offered nutrient-rich soil with gentle north-facing slopes, perfect for growing fruit and vegetables. They worked hard over the years, seeing themselves as stewards of the land and starting a tradition for farming that would continue for generations.

Beerenberg Means Berry Hill

Six generations later, we, the Paech family, still 100% own, farm and live on the property, which is now known as The Beerenberg Family Farm. The name Beerenberg means ‘Berry Hill’ in German, a nod to our heritage, our produce and our hillside location.

In 1970, our parents, Grant and Carol, made the decision to concentrate solely on growing strawberries. Grant infused traditional farming practices and his deep knowledge of the land with new technology and techniques to produce the most spectacular tasting berries.

The first batch of strawberry jam in 1971 was the start of Beerenberg as we know it today, a thriving family-owned farm, tourist destination and crafter of best-selling jams, chutneys, sauces and dressings available across Australia and beyond.

Today, we, Anthony Paech (managing director), Sally Paech (marketing director) and Robert Paech (farm manager) are proud to continue the family tradition of farming, land stewardship and food craftsmanship, supported by our mum Carol.

Today, we, Carol, Anthony, Robert and Sally Paech, are proud to continue the family tradition of farming, land stewardship and food craftsmanship.