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Our Sustainable Choices

Hello, we’re the Paechs. Our family has been farming this land in the Adelaide Hills for almost 200 years.

We’re proud to continue this long tradition of land stewardship and food craftsmanship. And we love sharing a taste of the country life with everyone who enjoys our products or visits our farm for strawberry picking.

That’s why we plan to keep doing it for another 200 years (or more!). And that’s why looking after this precious land and making sustainable choices is so important to us – so that we’ll be here for many generations to come.

Farm. Family. Forever.™

We harvest and conserve our precious Adelaide Hills rainwater, ensuring no drop is wasted.

All of our packaging is made using recycled materials and every glass jar, lid and carton can be recycled by you too.

We’re officially classified as a ‘large off-grid solar farm’ and we capture as much sunshine goodness as we can.

Our farm uses energy-efficient technologies including sensor lighting and LEDs, all managed by a hybrid energy system.

Across our farm and offices, we recycle all cardboard, paper, plastic and clean glass.

We minimise the use of pesticides by using beneficial insects to help with things like pollination and pest control.

We protect and enrich our soil by rotating crops in a four-year cycle.

We compost all of our organic waste, which we then use to grow the crops we need to create the products you love.

You don’t need to be a Paech to be part of the family. We love and care for every one of our people (and our customers).