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Beerenberg's new 30 Minute Meal Bases Make Guilt-Free, Easy Meals

Branching out from the success of the jams, chutneys and condiments that have made us known to homes and tastebuds across the country, we’re excited to introduce some tasty new additions.

The launch of our new line of Meal Bases is going to change the way families think about dinner when they arrive home from a big day of work and school.

When the kids are hungry, the clock is ticking, and you’re asking that familiar question of ‘what shall I cook tonight?’, a quick, exciting meal can feel like a stroke of creative genius.

Choose from four exotic flavours; One Pot Mexican, Lamb Biryani, Chicken Chorizo Paella, and Miso Maple Pork.

Watch our how-to video here.

They’re all farm-made in the Adelaide Hills, from our family to yours, and we simply hope these interesting dishes will add some wholesome alternatives to your staple recipe repertoire.

The range has been in the making for 18 months, following market research and focus groups to discover exactly what busy families want on a weeknight.

When it comes to meal bases many people are often apprehensive, unsure of the quality or presence of unnatural preservatives and flavourings.

Watch our how-to video here.

“People are concerned about additives and also the fact that it’s not a ‘home cooked’ meal.”, says our marketing director, Sally Paech.

“Our new range is made right here on our farm in the Adelaide Hills, with the same love and care that we make our delicious jams and condiments with. They follow the principles of meal bases but take away that guilt factor.”

It couldn’t be easier to fall in love with this range, which can be prepared in 30-minutes, with minimal ingredients and even less mess in the kitchen.

What makes this range so exciting, is that deviates from what currently exists on supermarket shelves.

Watch our how-to video here.

“The meal base category has been the same for years,” says Sally, “With familiar flavours such as apricot chicken, butter chicken, and beef stroganoff.”

“While these will always have a place in the kitchen, I know being a mum myself that families are always wanting something new. Our delicious new flavours fill this gap.”

The Meal Bases range is inspired by our love of family and food; we believe eating dinner as a family is an incredibly important part of each day, and that the food you share is just as vital.

Whether they’re six or sixteen, your kids will always be the first ones to tell you exactly how many times they’ve had your go-to recipes.

Our Meal Bases were created with that in mind, designed to excite the taste buds and ignite conversation around the dinner table.

We care about finishing up in the kitchen with more than enough time to discuss the important things––like the best part of everyone’s day and what the kids have been learning at school.

We hope you get as much joy out of these fantastic, quick-fix dinners as we do. You can find the Beerenberg Meal Bases range at our Farm Shop, or online store.