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FARM CAFE, DAIRY & SHOP OPEN TODAY - 9am to 5pm (SORRY, we don’t take bookings)

Strawberry Patch is closed today - sorry

Change your Clock to Country Time

Growing up on our farm in the Adelaide Hills, the Beerenberg family has always felt a strong connection to nature. For as long as we remember the bird song has been our alarm clock, the sun’s warm rays our morning greeting and the sunset our sign that the day is drawing to a close.

We’ve lived outside the constraints of time, guided by days and seasons instead of minutes and hours.

In today’s world, where we are all constantly busy, juggling the ever-changing priorities of life there is something deeply satisfying about this simplicity - about being connected to nature instead of pushing against it.

That’s why we want to encourage you all to join us.

Whether you’re in the city, the country, the outback, or anywhere in between we encourage you to find a moment, a minute, an hour. To slow down, take a breath and become connected to yourself, the people, and the world around you.

Relaxing with a book over a coffee on your lunch break, taking the time for a walk in the park as the sun goes down, eating outside with family and friends, or simply pausing to reflect on the day - the possibilities are endless if we only make time for them.

So why not join us - and Change your Clock to Country Time.

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