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Posh or plain: how do you eat your Sweet Mustard Pickle and cheese sandwiches?

Our brand new Sweet Mustard Pickle is our latest go-to lunchtime staple here at Beerenberg Farm. There’s something about it that just sends us straight back to childhood. But we've been having a little debate over our lunchtime sandwiches recently and we're hoping you can help us settle it. So tell us, how do you eat your Sweet Mustard Pickle and cheese sandwiches? Posh...or plain?

Cast your vote today and as a thank you you'll be entered into a prize draw to win a $50 voucher to spend in our online store. You must be signed up to the Taste Team in order to be eligible and a big congratulations goes to Felicity Durbidge who was our previous winner.

Stir the Pot is your chance to help shape the big decisions in the Beerenberg kitchen. Last month we asked you 'Which Worcestershire Sauce label floats your boat?' Well, it turns out you were a fan of design number one.

However, we also received a number of comments from those of you who love the current label with Grandpa John’s story on the front. It’s a tough decision that our team are going to be pondering over before making the final call.