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Welcoming Sweet Mustard Pickle to the Beerenberg family

Raise of hands if you remember visiting your grandma’s house as a kid. School bag in tow, you’d pop in after the last bell rang and if you were lucky she’d make you a sandwich to fill your grumbling tummy.

Two slices of buttered bread, a slice of cheese and ham, and a big ol’ dollop of her sweet mustard pickle.

That pickle was always a crowd-pleaser, especially when made by grandma from scratch.

Perhaps you were a fan of it smacked between a couple of Jatz crackers and cheese, or with leftover corned beef and dinner rolls. We know it was always a staple on the dinner table during pot roast dinners at our house growing up.

Regardless of how you enjoyed it, we are absolutely thrilled to say it will once again be a regular on our family table now that we’ve released our very own jar of the classic favourite.

Introducing Beerenberg’s Sweet Mustard Pickle: the jar with contents that’ll leave your tastebuds inspired.

Made with only the finest local vegetables and ingredients (and no nasty additives), a hint of this dynamic condiment will be sure to add a little flair to each and every mouthful. It’s so good, you’ll wonder why we haven’t made it before.

Get creative; this little sweetie is up to the culinary challenge. From sandwiches and meaty meals with seasonal veggies, through to salads or on two simple slices of fresh bread – just like grandma used to make – Sweet Mustard Pickle is only limited by your own imagination.

Order a jar from our online store or look out for it in your local independent supermarket to relive your childhood memories with every bite. We have a feeling it’ll become a regular addition to your shopping list.