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Where Should You Keep Beerenberg Tomato Sauce?

Where do you keep the tomato sauce in your house? Some say the fridge, while others say the pantry…

Based on the voting from our recent Stir the Pot question – as well as the hundreds of comments and tweets we received on social media ­– it’s a hotly contested topic across the country. So we thought we’d bring you an official answer (of sorts) straight from the Beerenberg Family Farm’s kitchen in Hahndorf, South Australia.

Let’s be clear, on the bottle it does recommend refrigerating after use. This is because the temperature at which Beerenberg Tomato Sauce is stored in the fridge will slow the rate of browning and oxidation. But the product is shelf stable and can be stored in the fridge or pantry without any adverse reactions.

However, the truthful answer lies in the speed at which you go can finish the bottle.

For those who can make a bottle last a while, storing in the cool temperature of the fridge is best. This will ensure that the contents of the bottle will last longer.

But for those of you who go through bottles of sauce on a regular basis, the low pH of our cooked sauce is actually enough to keep it fresh at room temperature in your dark pantry.

Other than that, it really does come down to personal preference: do you prefer room temperature or cold tomato sauce with your food?

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