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BBQ Butterflied Prawns with Beetroot Glaze

preparation time

10 mins

Cooking time

3 mins



BBQ Butterflied Prawns with Beetroot Glaze


1kg extra large raw whole prawns

1 tablespoon olive oil

3 tablespoons Beerenberg balsamic beetroot relish


Oil spray

Dill, to garnish


Remove the heads and legs from the prawns, keeping the shells and tails intact. To butterfly the prawns, place upside-down on a chopping board and using a sharp knife, cut through the centre of the tail and flesh. Open the prawn down the centre and pop the shell to stay open. Remove the intestinal tract.

Lay all of the prawns on a chopping board, flesh side up. Drizzle with olive oil, Beerenberg Balsamic Beetroot Relish and a pinch of salt.

Preheat the barbecue on medium heat. Spray the grill with oil and place the prawns flesh side down. Cook for two minutes before turning and cooking for another minute.

Place the dill on a plate and top with BBQ butterflied prawns to serve.