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Fruit Jellies

preparation time

75 mins

Cooking time

5 mins



Fruit Jellies


1 x jar Beerenberg Red Currant Jelly

4 sheets gelatin leaves (gold strength)

castor sugar for rolling the jellies


Empty the Red Currant Jelly into a saucepan and very gently heat to melt, do not boil.

Place the gelatin leaves in a bowl and cover with cold water to soften. When soft squeeze out the excess water and add to the warm fruit jelly.

Mix together, then pour into a shallow dish or tray. As an insurance policy, you can line the tray with cling wrap to make it easier to turn out.

Refrigerate ‘til firm, approximately 1 hour.

Unmould the jelly slab onto a work surface and cut into bite size pieces with mini shaped cookie cutters or a large, sharp knife. Toss the jellies in castor sugar just before serving. If this is done too early, the jelly will soak up the sugar.

Unsugared jellies will keep refrigerated for up to 5 days, covered.

Sugar as required.

Note: Beerenberg make a range of fruit jellies so choose a favourite flavour or make several to serve a variety of colours and flavours.